Innovators for Inclusion

Innovators for Inclusion


MINDTRIBES are innovators for inclusion, creating systemic change within organisations and communities to solve inequity and to support the individuals within to succeed, building shared prosperity and a more equitable and kinder world.

Our Solutions

MINDTRIBES works top down and bottom up to create high performing cultures for their clients. They steer change to address inequity across race, cultural and other diversities, so people, partners, suppliers and customers are genuinely included and they measure the impact in business results. 

People Diversity & Inclusion

MindTribes supports clients to understand the profile of their diverse people and partners. We take an intersectional approach: cultural diversity, gender, generational, LGBTIQ & diverse abilities. We look for inequity and the barriers to inclusion that hold people back from performing and solve for these systemically to bring about change.



Customer Diversity & Inclusion

By analysing our client’s customer and consumer demographics and data, we reveal new opportunities. Our unique framework and CX score for diverse customers changes current marketing & sales processes to be inclusive. We equip our clients to identify, target, attract, grow and retain untapped and under-serviced customer bases.


“The transformation in results and cultural alignment since then has been outstanding”

Santa Fe Wridgways, CEO, 2017

Div provided great value and insight from her experience and the team took away many techniques and ideas that are now embedded in our business.

Callaway, Finance Director, 2017

“Leaders like myself had the right support to coach both on sales performance and cultural behaviours. I loved working with Div and would strongly recommend [MindTribes]”

American Express, Team Manager, 2016

“[MindTribes’] methodologies and approach changed the conversation in our offshore leadership team in order to more accurately comprehend the way we needed to speak with our customers.”

GLS, CEO, 2016

“In an environment where profit for purpose, shared value and conscious capitalism are shaping the future of business, MindTribes has been a leader from the outset… We could not wish for a better change agent for girls.”

Plan Deputy CEO, now CEO, 2017

Selected Clients

We have worked with Boards, Executive Leaders, Managers, D&I Councils, Employee Resource Groups, Partners & Suppliers to create inclusion that realises business results.

Are you including the diversity you have and measuring the impact?

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