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Our Story

MINDTRIBES works with both Australian and multinational corporates to develop Intercultural Business Capability. We work from a job-centric view to grow cultural competence and address unrealised sales, low customer satisfaction metrics, high staff turnover and poor integration.

MindTribes answers three key questions: Who are your diverse customers? (to understand and target the changing demographics), Who  services your customers? (to ensure that Australian workforces reflect the diversity of their customer base); And how do you service your customer? (to Increase employee and vendor intercultural competence in dealing with your clients).

Our differentiator is that we improve operational and business performance by delivering customised cultural diagnostics and training, rigorous performance coaching via a mobile application and ongoing performance measurement. There is no other company that focusses on cross cultural business competence in this niche way.


Discover how MindTribes can partner with you to grow your East-West Capability.

Our Founders

Div & Vick are Co-Founders of MindTribes.  Being South African-Indian-Australian they know personally how cultural diversity can be leveraged or be a barrier.  Both performance focussed, with an eye on business improvement, their solution is tailored to bring results.
Div Pillay

Div Pillay

Prior to founding MindTribes, Div spent 14 years mostly in senior People and Culture roles in the BPO industry working across South Africa, Malaysia, Australia, India and The Philippines.

Vick Pillay

Vick Pillay

Vick spent 20 years in Strategy, Business Performance and M&A in consulting and multinational corporates in senior roles supporting C-suite and boards across Africa, Australia, Asia, Europe and America

What do you need to do differently to buy, sell, service, negotiate and manage in a culturally different environment?


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