Do you know and are you inclusive of your diverse customer?

Our Solutions

MindTribes increases our client’s share of the “migrant wallet” by analysing changing demographics and customer data in order to develop unique customer profiles for a brand. It is not an advertising solution but a deep behavioural change to acquire, retain and grow the advocacy of a migrant customer base.

Uncovering the Share of “migrant wallet”

  • Use data analytics to understand the demographics of a diverse customer profile, now and in the future
  • Leverage focus groups to target specific migrant needs
  • Design of unique customer profiles using data and behavioural psychology
  • Advisory and recommendations on the application of customer profiles across business processes and customer journeys

Servicing the migrant need

  • Develop appropriate engagement strategy to drive new and repeat customers
  • Align sales and customer service to better sell, service and negotiate with multicultural customers supporting staff through live case studies via an interactive mobile application
  • Measure business impact monthly and quarterly and provide advisory and consulting to improve results

MindTribes can increase your share of the “migrant wallet”

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