As part of the Australia India Business Council’s (AIBC) co-ordinating committee I am off to India, to the state of Gujarat for the 7th Global Summit, branded as Vibrant Gujarat. Many of my networks have asked me why?

Well, this summit impressively brings together World leaders, Heads of State, CEO’s of Fortune 500 companies and international business leaders from 8 partner countries, viz. Australia, Canada, UK, USA, Japan, The Netherlands, South Africa, Singapore and 29 Indian States. India, South Africa and Australia are part of my personal brand and business brand – so it seems to be the right place and right time!

The Prime Minister of India, Hon. Narendra Modi also intrigues me. I was privileged to hear him speak amongst a select group of Victorian leaders at Government House in November 2014; he captured everyone with his business savvy.   PM Modi, is the ex-Chief Minister of Gujarat, and has hosted this Global Summit for the last six years, transforming it from an Investor’s Summit to a Business Hub and knowledge share event. In 2013, Hon. Narendra Modi, said, “Once upon a time, Gujarat was the gateway to the Globe from India. Now it is becoming the Global Gateway to India.”

Curious about Gujarat, I learnt 10 compelling facts that I did not know a few months ago. Some of these might surprise you:

  1. Worlds largest Petroleum Refinery
  2. India’s largest producer of Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals and Petrochemicals
  3. India’s only state to have an Integrated State wide gas grid
  4. 24×7 uninterrupted power supply
  5. India’s largest producer of salt, soda ash and marine products
  6. World’s largest centre for polished diamonds
  7. World’s largest producer of psyllium husk, fennel seeds and castor
  8. Asia’s first solar energy park
  9. World class infrastructure: road, ports, power
  10. Agile in enabling policies for public private partnership

If Australian or South African companies were to reach out more to India for investment, for growth or for support with offshoring; the Vibrant Gujarat conference is primed to instil confidence in India. There are a wide range of Australian leaders from corporates, educational institutions and government arriving around the 10th of January for the summit, all interacting on various business topics from innovation, to SME growth to sustainable energy.  There will even be an Australian Country Seminar – keen to see the interest in Australia from other partner countries.

I am also curious to hear first hand and to observe the cultural connection between Australian, Indian and South African leaders. Interestingly, the current Chief Minister of Gujarat is an impressive woman, Anandiben Patel. I am keen to observe her lead discussions and watch for responses to her from such a diverse audience.

I am raring to go. To learn. To business develop. To relationship build and to report back on behalf of the AIBC.

More when I return mid January.

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