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MindTribes treats inclusion like any other business metric and influences clients to align their business strategy and people performance metrics to improve on Inclusion.
We view Inclusion intersectionally, with a specialty focus on anti-racism & cultural diversity, because of our niche capability in this area and the longstanding inequity that exists locally and globally.
MindTribes works top down, bottom up and across the organisation to mobilise change.

Assess your board, C-suite & council effectiveness with Inclusion

Boards, C-Suite & D&I Councils

MindTribes works with Boards, the C-Suite and D&I Councils, wherever they are on the D&I Maturity Curve, to reset and reframe their diversity agenda’s to be broader than just gender through:

  • Intersectional data analysis of their employee demographic (both quantitative & qualitative).
  • Tailored advisory, governance (both tools and processes) and professional development for executives. 
  • Strategy alignment (Inclusion roadmap with the Business Strategy) and guidance on metrics. 
  • Communication and socialisation of change across the organisation. 

Enquire about our Inclusion Lens - A Decision Tool

Leaders & Managers

MindTribes enables leaders with the capability to be more intersectionally inclusive, by

  • understanding the untapped opportunity within their teams
  • behaviourally teaching leaders and managers how to reduce exclusion in everyday scenarios
  • showcasing the choices leaders and managers have to act (and what the opportunity cost is, of not acting)
  • holding leaders and managers accountable for their choices. 

Learn about our ERG Group Effectiveness Model

Employee Resource Groups

MindTribes supports companies to mobilise their ERG groups for change by

  • Assessing the effectiveness of the ERG groups 
  • Re-positioning ERG groups within the strategic Inclusion Roadmap as key stakeholders
  • Professionally developing ERG group members to create influence and advocacy.

Your Leaders & Partners likely waste 20-30% of time per week


MindTribes supports clients to create inclusive partner relationships especially when the partner’s extended team is located virtually across geographies.  We improve partner performance and our client leader’s capability by: 

  • Auditing the partnership and assessing the impact in lost productivity when exclusion behaviours exist.
  • Exposing the opportunities for increased inclusion and supporting leaders to act in those scenarios
  • Tracking improvements of applied inclusive behaviours in leader-partner scopes of work. 

What is the individual & business cost of not including your people & partners?

Approach, Tools & Methodology

We work differently and create a unique experience for our clients through:
Co-Creation & Tailoring

We work with our clients closely to co-create their inclusion roadmaps so the D&I plan is embedded and sustained.

Behavioural Cognitive Modelling

We apply behavioural cognitive models to the way we design for change and run capability sessions, so people learn to change and act.

Self Leadership + Self & Other Psychology

We apply self-leadership theory and self-other psychology to tap into people’s internal agency.  This way, everyone contributes to the change journey and feels responsible and accountable.

Agile & Active Learning

We work with active and agile learning via problem solving with behavioural scenarios which lead to faster application to the workplace.

Accountability Auditing

We audit the impact every 3 months to ensure change is realised and there is an individual and business impact.

Continuous Evaluation Frameworks

We build in evaluation frameworks across all our processes so we are always steering our clients journey towards an end outcome.

Acknowledgement to Country

At MindTribes, we pay our respect to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people of Australia. Representing the oldest living culture in the world, First Nations people have been the traditional custodians of this land for more than 65000 years. Australia, is the only commonwealth country that does not have a signed treaty (a formal agreement with the government and Indigenous people). We at MindTribes are committed to ensuring that every client we partner with has a meaningful and action-based Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP)– whilst we don’t design or deliver a RAP, one of our first principles is not doing business with a client who does not have a RAP or an intention to execute a RAP in the time we are with them.

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