Do your leaders or staff represent your diverse customer?

Our Solution

Through a targeted inclusion program based on comprehensive research, MindTribes works with you, to ensure that your organisation’s leaders are reflective of your customers, now and in the future.

Culturally Diverse workforces

  • Data analytics that allow companies to identify focus areas and the current baseline
  • Diagnostic to identify barriers and success factors that drives behavioural change
  • Inclusion program to align multicultural talent to your customer demographic and create leadership pathways.

Culturally Diverse women

CDW (Culturally Diverse Women) is a joint venture between MINDTRIBES and Advancing Women in Business & Sport.

Co-Founders of CDW are Vick & Div Pillay and Michelle Redfern. CDW was formed in March 2017 to address the significant under-representation of culturally diverse women in senior leadership roles in Australia.

On the 5th of October, 2017 Christine Nixon former Victorian Police Commissioner launched CDW at Melbourne’s Immigration Museum with 90 CALD women who were nominated into the group.  These women will support each other to navigate the organisational barriers faced due to their gender and culture.

In February 2018, CDW shared key trends and recommendations to both big business and government in an effort to push for inclusion.



“Only 15 of all 1,482 CEOs; 44 of all 2,327 senior executives; 188 of all 7,491 directors and 55 of all 1,350 CFOs are culturally diverse women.”

— Diversity Council Australia 2017


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