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MindTribes supports the increase in sales, service, engagement and efficiencies by unlocking cross-cultural competence.

Offshore Contact Centres (Captive and Vendor)

MindTribes leverages cross-cultural competencies to connect the offshore agent to the customer, by

  • assessing and advising on offshore sourcing and selection strategy
  • reviewing and advising on  L&D content and capability
  • using our 4 step model to improve on customer experience (Quality, CSAT, NPS)
  • scaling through train-the-trainer/ coach-the-coach and LMS deployment
  • supporting execution across 12 months

Shared services (Captive and Vendor)

MindTribes enables leaders to connect to their culturally different teams, by

  • assessing and advising on offshore sourcing and selection strategy
  • reviewing and advising on L&D content and capability and process knowledge
  • improving onshore leadership capability to drive results such as efficiency, error rate, duplication, speed to competence, autonomy
  • scaling through train-the-trainer/ coach-the-coach and LMS deployment
    supporting execution across 12 months

Culturally Diverse Workforces

MindTribes enables the advancement of high potential culturally diverse talent by,

  • advising and engage Senior Executive/ Board to lead diagnostics and strategy
  • operationalising strategy: develop roadmap, manage change, provide masterclasses and coaching for leadership and CALD staff
  • managing and measuring the progression of CALD workforce
  • scaling through building internal capability
  • supporting execution across 12 months

Learn more about our social enterprise Culturally Diverse Women here…

Want your offshored or global teams to sell, service, buy or negotiate better?

Tools & Methodology

Our focus on supporting people cross border up to a 12 month period, has become our differentiator.
We target our cultural knowledge to the context of the work or business environment.

A cultural diagnostic

The MIBQ is the first online tool that assesses cross-cultural work behaviours across the Australia, Asia and South Africa.

Ensure that the base comparisons between Eastern, Western and African business contexts are incorporated. MIBQ’s differentiator lies in the focus on work behaviours.

This online tool comprises of 27 items in a survey format and can be taken by an Australian, Asian, Asean or South African leader or staff member. The output of the survey measures the national culture norm of the individual which is then plotted against the foreign culture they are working in.  This predicts whether leaders and staff will experience specific challenges or not in a foreign culture and whether there are any cross cultural strengths.

The MIBQ can be licensed and deployed easily with a report of data sent to the client.


Job Centric
Cultural Training

MindTribes has developed cultural content on most Eastern and Western business contexts, based on the Nine Dimensions of Culture Model.

Our differentiator is that our content is quickly tailored using the specific MIBQ data and an assessment of our client’s job context.  The MIBQ data is used to inform the trainer of the individual or group’s specific cultural gaps, so time is appropriately spent on the right cultural concepts.  Work samples are gathered during the assessment phase with a client, so that cultural knowledge is applied using scenarios, calls and case studies.  With this approach, participants gain specific knowledge about their cultural gaps and strengths and leave having already applied the cultural knowledge learnt to their job context.

Job Focussed Training can be licensed and deployed in a Train The Trainer Format with Accreditation of trainers on an annual basis.


Performance Coaching
Team or individual

Performance Coaching, post job-focussed training, is essential to support the development of cross cultural competence, when participants are back in their operational environment.

During this period measurements of performance or goals are assessed to include relevant cross cultural competencies.  Coaching sessions (individual or team) are scheduled across, a 12 week period, to maintain momentum to attain goals.  The GROWTH model together with International Coach Federation (ICF) methodologies are applied.

Performance Coaching can be licensed in a Coach The Coach format.



MindTribes is committed to making a sustainable change in cross cultural competence.  Performance Reviews, at the 6 and 12 month mark, allow for consultation, coaching, practical recommendations, and steady progress.

As MindTribes delivers these services across industries, they are positioned to provide a best practice comparative assessment. This stage also results in proof of a return on investment on training and coaching activity.  This service is executed as an independent MindTribes’s activity to maintain the objectivity of the evaluation.

Where a licensing arrangement is in place this stage is used to reassess trainer and coach competence.


Frequently Asked Questions

How have MindTribes services been applied in other contexts?

Filipinos Connecting with Australian & Singaporean Customers

Our client has a captive centre in Manila with staff engaging Australian and Singaporean senior financial clients in sales conversations. MindTribes delivered the MIBQ to Filipino staff and customised Filipino-Australian-Singaporean content based on staff’s cultural distance and the type of sales conversations. The quality metrics were changed to measure cross cultural competence with coaches currently being supported to coach and sustain progress.


Australian Leaders Connecting with Indian Staff

Australian leaders are engaged in weekly contact with their Indian back office staff. Notwithstanding, their relationships having developed over a few years, Australian leaders have not been able to maximise the capabilities of their offshore teams and have therefore reported productivity issues. The MIBQ will be launched, followed by a 2 hour seminar to debrief the results and formulate a plan of action for each team. Post this session, each leader will be coached to assess their capability to implement their plans of action. Indian team members will be given the MIBQ and MindTribes will work with each team to run cultural training, performance coaching and performance reviews.


Filipinos Connecting with Australian Students

Filipino staff are allocated to a group of Australian students (a high percentage are Asian immigrants) where they manage their movement and retention within their current courses. These conversations are personal, motivational, tactical and strategic and demand a high degree of cultural connection. However the training that has been provided to Filipino staff on Australian and Asian immigrant culture has been sporadic and high level. MindTribes has been engaged to deploy our services in a licensing format deploying the MIBQ, Job-Centric Culture training (in a train the trainer format), Performance Coaching (in a Coach to Coach format) and a Performance Review.


Australian Staff Supporting Expatriates Globally

Australian staff support the relocation of expatriates from a range of global locations to Australia. These conversations are relationship focussed and the quality of these interactions forms the service differentiator amongst competitors in the market. Australian staff operate transactionally and have never been trained on how to connect culturally and differentiate their service.  MindTribes has been engaged to unlock this potential, deploying the MIBQ, facilitating job-centric cultural training and performance coaching and reviews.

Are MindTribes services more suited to operational teams or senior leaders?

All the services can be tailored to both an operational context and strategic context. MindTribes has mapped strategic goals to design and execution of training, coaching and reviews e.g. Higher engagement goals. In addition cross cultural competences have been aligned to operational goals  e.g. increase in sales and NPS scores.

Does MindTribes work with onshore and offshore teams?

Yes while we might be engaged onshore, we almost always work with all the geographies involved, e.g. Australia and India or Australia and The Philippines. Our MIBQ is tailored to suit both Western and Eastern business contexts. Ideally we work with the whole team that executes a particular work flow to the customer irrespective of where they sit. Our aim is to achieve synergies across all cross border teams.

We have over 1000 Relationship Managers collaborating with Asian partners, how can we get this across all of them?

MindTribes seeks to licence our content across MIBQ, Job Focussed Training and Performance Coaching when over a 100 people per year are to be developed. We run Train The Trainer and Coach The Coach Programs to accredit our client’s staff to deploy our services internally, with flexibility. MindTribes still maintains 6 and 12 month performance reviews. Talk to us about how you can achieve scalability.

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