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Introducing AIBS 2015: A new guide to Australia’s internationally active businesses

This guide put together by Austrade’s Chief Economist shows on Page 10, the ‘Top 5 Barriers for All Markets’.  It reveals that the surveyed population believes that local language, culture and different business practices were the top barriers to operating in foreign environment. India is rated as 73% harder to do business than Australia.

Austrade’s Chief Economist

Heroes vs Process Discipline (2013)

This article by ISG about operational excellence in managed services, focuses on the business culture between Indian and a US firm and while there are no specific national culture references, it is apparent that operational styles of Indian and US leaders create barriers to efficiencies.


Ease of Doing Business (World Bank Group)

Clearly how China, Indonesia and India are rated ‘difficult to do business’. These contextual cultural complexities permeate cultural behaviours of staff and leaders in these foreign Eastern environments.

World Bank Group

Achieving High Performance in BPO by Accenture (2012)

This paper outlines the movement towards cost + value benefits. Considering the ‘value’ component, the best practice of focussing on building partnerships and relationships is mentioned several times. The key question is how to build this sustainably across cultures.


Outsourcing: Driving Efficiency & Growth, Grant Thornton (2014)

This short article showcases the benefits of efficiency and growth and the global trend towards outsourcing. However, the piece does not focus on how to attain these. MindTribes proposes that growing Cross Cultural Business Performance is the key to achieving these benefits.

Grant Thornton

Outsourcing the back office – the path towards sustainable benefits (2006)

This paper by CFO services and Capgemini, outlines the major factors contributing to the termination of outsourced relationships. Around 15% is attributed to poor cultural fit which leads to some of the top problems like poor relationships and transition.

CFO services and Capgemini

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